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The Dawg Blawg

Welcome to the dawg blawg! This blawg is all about the wonderful things that Thrown Away Pets can bring to our lives.

We are forever grateful to all of those good and caring people in the world who realize that you don’t have to have a pedigree to be a wonderful and loving companion.

Yard Rules

Dawgs must get in the gate to bark (comment). You can't self-subscribe; you must contact the admin to get a gate pass. Please bark from a dawg’s perspective. Crapping in our yard is not permitted, and such dawgs will be chased out without notice.

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Butcher D. Dawg

Play my theme song!


Hi! My name is Butcher D. Dawg—but you can call me Butch. I’m a “Golden Chow Retreiver.”

I was rescued at the tender age of about three months. I was under a farm-to-market road bridge, trying to gag down something that had been dead for far too long, when my new mom found me. She was helping a neighbor look for her Shih Tzu when I was lucky enough for her to find me. I know that I smelled so bad that it was hard for her to allow me near her, but she couldn’t resist my natural charms.

Don’t I look intelligent here, while I am receiving instructions concerning some minor infraction?

She could tell by the size of my feet that I was going to a good sized dog. And she also knew that “the ol’ man” was partial to large dogs, so she brought me home to him. Naturally, he fell in love with me (after she gave me a bath). Now at the grand old age of 9 years, I have a fenced and safe 15 acres to play in. But, I have a job. First and foremost, it is my responsibility to alert the ol’ man to any event that he seems to be unaware of.

This is what I looked like right after I was found at about 3 months of age.

For instance, when he is asleep, I must wake him as soon as I hear distant thunder. He wants to be up and alert until the event has completely passed. [not really]

Something that I really hate to see is any animal staked out in all kinds of weather, often without any kind of shelter. In my opinion, such an unfortunate critter would actually be better off taking his chances on his own. What I would like to see is the individual that was responsible for this heinous act, staked out there for the same period of time and under the same conditions.

More About Me

I was so young then!

At about 6 months, not camera shy.

I nevered chewed on anything that I wasn’t given!

These were my adolescent years, but I’m all growed up here at the age of twelve months, and this is the last time I was able to sit on Daddy’s lap without the risk of injuring him.

I used to love sitting in Daddy’s lap.


Butcher’s Obituary

This is Butchie’s grave marker

On the morning of January 16, 2009, our much beloved Butchie passed over after a long struggle with hip dysplasia.

Throughout it all, he remained sweet and uncomplaining, even insisting right up to the last on attempting to take the walk he took with his dad each morning. But sadly, he just couldn’t do it.

He was truly a beautiful soul and no one could look at that beautiful face without smiling.

He will be desperately missed…

Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher Butcher
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Daisy D. Dawg

Hi, I’m Daisy!

HI… My name is Daisy D. Dawg, but you can call me Daisy. I am the stubbornest Basset Hound that you could ever meet. But, I am also the sweetest and cuddliest, when I want something! I know that I will never replace Butcher in the hearts of my new Mom and Dad, but I am a “throw away” and they took me in just like they did him.

At that time I was not yet a year old and had just experienced my first season. As a result of which, I was also on my way to having nine puppies. Fortunately for me my new adopted parents got me fixed before I had to go through with it.

Now I have Butcher’s 15 acres to play in, where I can stay safe and happy.

And it just keeps getting better. I not only have my neighbor, Max to play with, but now my new Mom has six kittens for me to train. I never knew I could have it so good!

My Rug
Gotta Love Me

My Coat
First thing they did was
make me a coat…

My Sweater
…then a sweater.

Nap Time
Nappy Time

I promise I’ll never do it again. I PROMISE!

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My name is Max A. Million — but you can call me MAX.

This is Max A. Million. He is my new next door neighbor. My big (human) brother found him in a culvert up the road. He was all covered with fleas and stuff. He was looking for a Guard Dog job, and he found one. I am sure that we will become great friends.

He surely is a handsome looking guy, don’t you think?

More About Me

I’m always on watch.

Everything must be carefully observed.

Something’s over there…

…that needs watching…

Max stays current on
the latest dog news.

A dog and his frog

Relaxing on watch.

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Hi! My name is Waggin’. I’m a Lab/Heeler—that means I’m both happy and smart! I was named Waggin’ because I’m always happy, and my tail shows it. I was a “throw-away” who was fortunate enough to have found a loving companion.

When I was young, I roamed the countryside and made pups. Rednecks said they were gonna shoot me. Then one day I met someone who wasn’t trying to kill me. He took me in, cleaned me up, had me “fixed,” and made a house-dog of me. But that’s okay, because I still have five acres to run around in—even a creek!—and you know we Labs love water!

Will you let me stay here?

Let me in!

Please? I need a new home!

Why you got that li’ flashin’ thang in my face?

I don’t like thunder!

This is one of my 20 pups.
Isn’t she beautiful?

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